Rock City Reels

Shout out to everyone who has attended Rock City Reels!

The City of Little Falls & Valley Cinemas have decided to extend the drive-in movie season another 5 weeks!! Be sure to follow Valley Cinemas on Facebook for details.

  • Movie announcements and ticket sales on Sundays

    The weekly movie will be announced and tickets will go on sale for the following week on Sundays.

  • Tickets are $10 per car

    Tickets will be $10 per car (unlimited occupants) and will include a bag of popcorn.

  • Buy tickets online at least 1 hour before show time

    Tickets must be purchased online a minimum of one (1) hour before show time.

  • Gates open at 7:00pm

    Each night the gates will open at 7:00 pm and the movie will start at 8:00 pm. You must present a paper or digital ticket.

  • Tune your car AM radio to 1630

    The soundtrack for the movie will be broadcast on AM 1630. Please ensure that your vehicle radio functions and can receive the station.

  • Watch the movie in your car

    We advise you to stay in your car for the duration of the show. If you do need to leave your vehicle for any reason we kindly request you wear a mask.

  • Bring a flashlight

    For your convenience there will be port-a-potties on site. You may wish to bring a flashlight in the case that you need to exit your vehicles.

  • Movies will not be shown in severe weather

    In the event of severe inclement weather the movie will be canceled. This will be posted on Facebook and we will issue a full refund.

Any questions about tickets or movies should be directed to Valley Cinema. Thanks!!


Rock City Reels is brought to you by Think Local Little Falls, the City of Little Falls, Valley Cinema, and Little Falls Radio. A special thank you to Sam Brown for technical support on this project.

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