The City of Little Falls, Main Street First, and Think Local Little Falls appreciate your help recognizing and thanking our community’s essential workers. These brave individuals are out there each day during the COVID19 crisis, in the face of uncertainty, to keep our city moving forward. We need your help on this campaign of thanks.

Your donations went directly to gift cards from Little Falls’ businesses that will be awarded to 90 essential workers throughout the city. All donations are tax deductible.

I would like to let you know about a new initiative we are beginning Monday with a mission to thank Little Falls’ essential workers.  While most of us are at home during this crisis, there are a lot of people who are out there every day doing their jobs in the face of these uncertain times.  The goal of this new program is simple:  We want to recognize and thank them.  We want them to know that we sincerely appreciate their work and we are thinking about them.  That’s what “LF Essentials: Support Those Who Support Us” is all about.

The program will work like this:  Starting on Monday, April 13, one worker will be selected at random and provided with $100 worth of gift cards to restaurants and businesses located in Little Falls.  A new person will then be selected every day for 30 days.  This is a small token of appreciation; a heartfelt “thank you” to those still going out to work.  They are stocking shelves, taking care of community members, working in convenience stores, picking up our trash/recyclables, keeping us safe, delivering our mail.  They are refilling prescriptions and washing dishes in restaurants, they are taking care of our senior citizens on top of the hill and making sure the residents at Rockton Plaza have everything they need.  They are our friends, neighbors and relatives.  They are us.

This new program will cost $3,000 ($100 x 30) and it will be funded strictly though donations.  Are you a local organization, individual or business that wants to help?  Do it.  Did you grow up in Little Falls and moved away, but still think of this as home?  Donate.  It will be money well spent.  Information on how to give can be found at www.thinklocallittlefalls.com or the Think Local Little Falls Facebook and Instagram pages.  Remember, the gift cards are all coming from local restaurants and businesses so there is the added benefit of helping them as well during this challenging time.

Whenever there is a successful event in Little Falls it is because several groups have worked together to make it happen.  Whether it’s the 6,000 people who flocked to downtown Little Falls for the Cheese Festival or the throngs who went to Canal Side for the Garlic Fest – from Christmas in Little Falls to the Art Walk; they work because of collaboration.  Thanking Little Falls’ Essentials is no different.  This is a team effort between the City, Main Street First and Think Local.  I personally want to thank Rob Richard (Main Street First) and Elaine Cobb (Think Local) for their support and leadership on this.  This is a true team effort.

Last Friday we announced a new initiative called “Little Falls Essentials: Supporting Those Who Support Us”. As part of that program we started a fundraising campaign which sought to raise $3000 to fund it. The response was overwhelming, amazing, wonderful and moving. In less than 24 hours the entire amount was raised – and the donations kept pouring in all weekend. Based on your incredible generosity we are able to expand the program and will do so in two ways.

The original plan was to randomly select one essential worker for 30 days. We are tripling those efforts. Starting today we will select three workers a day and keep that going for the next 30 days. What started out at 30 recipients is now 90.

We are also adding a “give it forward” aspect to this campaign. Originally, each person selected was going to be given 100.00 in gift certificates from local restaurants and businesses. That will still happen but in addition to that they will be given an extra 25.00 gift card in a stamped envelope. That bonus gift card is meant to be given away to whomever they wish. Is there a neighbor who is having a particularly difficult time? Do you have a co-worker whose day would be made better by receiving a gift card? Do it. Brighten someone’s day by writing them a nice note and sending them this gift card. Receiving a gift feels good, giving a gift feels better. Give it forward.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed. You are caring and kind. Not only are you helping 90 essential local workers you are also pumping over $11,000 into the local economy by way of purchasing gift cards.

We will continue to accept donations through the end of the week. Giving online is safe and easy, you can do so by going to thinklocallittlefalls.com. Should you wish to write a check you can make it out to Main Street First (and write LF Essentials in the memo section). That can be mailed to Main Street First, P.O. Box 65, Little Falls, NY 13365. Please consider giving if you have not already. All money collected will be distributed.

Updates on this program will be sent out at the Think Local Little Falls Facebook page so be sure to follow their page. While you are there be sure to check out everything else they have going on. They do great work – we are lucky to have them.

Lastly, the success of this program is a testament to the great relationship between Main Street First, Think Local and the City. All three entities are rowing in the same direction on this and the results speak for themselves. In uncertain times please take comfort in knowing that one thing is for certain: the people of Little Falls will always take care of one another.

Go to Mayor Blask’s Facebook page.

WKTV News Broadcast on our Little Falls Essentials Campaign

The City of Little Falls, Main Street First, and Think Local have come up with a program to recognize people considered essential workers.

The goal was to raise $3000 and use the money to purchase gift cards from local businesses. Then randomly pick 1 essential person in the community each day for 30 days, and reward them with $100 in gift cards. The response was so overwhelming, they raised over $11,000 in 3 days, so they tripled the amount of recipients receiving gift cards. Little Falls Mayor Mark Blask says the program not only makes people feel good, but also supports the local economy.

“We are obviously concerned about getting back on our feet once this crisis ends, so we want to do everything we can to make sure that that happens.”

Since they raised more money than expected, they added a twist by including an additional $25 gift card to pass along to someone who could use a pick-me-up.

“It feels good to get a gift card, but it feels great to give something forward, so we’re just trying to expand the program in as many ways as possible.”

Kinney Drug Store employee Renee Coonradt was chosen by a co-worker to receive that extra gift card.

“I never expected it. It’s great that people appreciate what we’re doing because we’re going home after working all day to our families, so it’s heartwarming when they appreciate it.”

Canal Side Inn & The Stone Mill Business Owner Daivd Casullo believes the value of the gift cards will affect business beyond face value once things get back to normal.

“When crisis strikes, character is revealed, and I think the character of our community has been really obvious during this crisis.”

Even though responses are still coming in, Mayor Blask will not be accepting any donations after the close of business on Friday April 17th. He says the goal has not only been achieved, but exceeded, and doesn’t want to put any additional financial stress on an already stressed economy.

If you’d like to learn more about how Think Local Little Falls is involved in the Little Falls community, join us! Contact us and we’ll be happy to learn more about how you want to get involved in the city of Little Falls!

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